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Original equipment manufacture


Here at Xtreme Stainless we have the capability to undertake large and small OEM contracts.


We work with Original Equipment Manufacturers and, in particular, specialise in exhausts and components for construction, commercial and industrial applications.


OEM Spares

If you are looking for replacement OEM specification exhausts, there is every chance we can provide it for you; we are able to manufacture the exhausts you need to the standards of the original parts in production batches to suit your needs. Please enquire when you call.


We believe attention to detail is the key to success. We source only the finest materials and use modern production methods. Xtreme Stainless boasts the ISO9001-2008 quality assurance for its administration systems in the manufacturing of exhaust systems and components, covering industrial, commercial and automotive applications.


Located in the Midlands, we work with national trade companies, and typically work with customers from Staffordshire and the West Midlands.

•  Exhausts

•  Silencers

•  Down pipes

•  Exhaust flanges and brackets

•  Flexis

•  And more

Do you require a specialist exhaust manufacturer to undertake your OEM contract? Call

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